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Llamar a Africa
Prepaid Phone Cards for Botswana Botswana  2.66¢
Cheap Phone Cards for Nigeria Nigeria  2.63¢
International Calling Cards for Zimbabwe Zimbabwe  2.00¢
Llamar a Asia
Discount Calling Cards for Bangladesh Bangladesh  0.92¢
International Prepaid Phone Cards for India India  0.12¢
International Phone Cards for Nepal Nepal  3.60¢
Long Distance Phone Cards for Pakistan Pakistan  1.00¢
Calling Cards for Sri Lanka Sri Lanka  2.99¢
Llamar a Asia Pacific
Prepaid Calling Cards for China China  0.07¢
Free Phone Cards for Hong Kong Hong Kong  0.07¢
Cheap Phone Cards for Indonesia Indonesia  1.25¢
International Calling Cards for Japan Japan  0.25¢
Discount Calling Cards for Korea - South Korea - South  0.13¢
International Prepaid Phone Cards for Malaysia Malaysia  0.13¢
International Phone Cards for Philippines Philippines  4.55¢
Long Distance Phone Cards for Singapore Singapore  0.10¢
Calling Cards for Taiwan Taiwan  0.10¢
Prepaid Calling Cards for Thailand Thailand  0.10¢
Free Phone Cards for Vietnam Vietnam  0.80¢
Llamar a Europe
Cheap Phone Cards for Denmark Denmark  0.13¢
International Calling Cards for France France  0.10¢
Discount Calling Cards for Germany Germany  0.07¢
International Prepaid Phone Cards for Italy Italy  0.10¢
International Phone Cards for Russia Russia  0.33¢
Long Distance Phone Cards for Switzerland Switzerland  0.12¢
Calling Cards for United Kingdom United Kingdom  0.12¢
Llamar a Latin
Prepaid Calling Cards for Argentina Argentina  0.13¢
Free Phone Cards for Guatemala Guatemala  2.49¢
Cheap Phone Cards for Honduras Honduras  4.00¢
International Calling Cards for Peru Peru  0.20¢
Discount Calling Cards for Venezuela Venezuela  0.15¢
Llamar a Middle East
International Prepaid Phone Cards for Egypt Egypt  3.11¢
International Phone Cards for Lebanon Lebanon  2.99¢
Long Distance Phone Cards for Morocco Morocco  0.55¢
Calling Cards for Saudi Arabia Saudi Arabia  2.50¢
Llamar a North America
Prepaid Calling Cards for Canada Canada  0.10¢
Free Phone Cards for Mexico Mexico  0.40¢
Cheap Phone Cards for United States United States  0.25¢

How does it work?

1. Choose your country to find the best rates and select your phone cards.
2. Click 'sign up' if you are a new customer, then 'check out' to pay for your phone cards.
3. Get your new phone card PINS!!!

Note: If you have any questions, please call customer support at 1-800-985-6484 (7 days a week).

How do I choose the best phone card?

1. Pick the country you want to call and compare the rates and ratings for each card.
2. For longer calls compare the minutes, and for shorter calls get a card with no connection fee.
3. We recommend trying a couple different calling cards to find the card that works best for you.

What country do you want to call?



Phone Cards for United States United States Calling Cards for China China
Calling Cards for Canada Canada Calling Cards for India India
Calling Cards for Brazil Brazil Calling Cards for Philippines Philippines
Prepaid Calling Cards for Mexico Mexico International Phone Cards for Pakistan Pakistan
Prepaid Calling Cards for Argentina Argentina International Phone Cards for Japan Japan
Prepaid Calling Cards for Guatemala Guatemala Prepaid Calling Cards for Vietnam Vietnam


Africa / Mid East

Calling Cards for Denmark Denmark Calling Cards for Israel Israel
Calling Cards for France France Calling Cards for Egypt Egypt
Calling Cards for Germany Germany Calling Cards for South Africa South Africa
Calling Cards for Italy Italy Phone Cards for Nigeria Nigeria
Calling Cards for Switzerland Switzerland Phone Cards for Kenya Kenya
Calling Cards for the United Kingdom United Kingdom Phone Cards for Ghana Ghana
International Prepaid Phone Cards for Russia Russia Cheap Phone Cards for Libya Libya

Note: If your country is not listed above, then please search using the drop down menu to the left.

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